50 pounds lighter!!!

by DAJ

Persist with the help of a wellness life coach

Persist with the help of a wellness life coach

I am 5'6 and around 210 pounds I got teased a lot as a child and now i am very self-conscious about my weight i want to weigh somewhere close to around 155 pounds...



Thanks for stopping in. I'm confident that you can achieve your weight loss goal with a lot of persistence. I was just thinking yesterday about what it really takes to lose weight and I decided that it's not will power and not really desire because I think a lot of people "desires" many things and aren't able to achieve them. And will power is fleeting.

What is needed is persistence. You must tell yourself that you are going to do a certain thing (i.e. walk for 30 minutes each day, drink a green smoothie every day, etc) every day and just do it. You don't need will power just dedication and you will be a success. I look forward to watching your journey. Please ask any questions you may have. I'm here to help.

Coach Tiffany

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