How to Write A Business Plan

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How to write a business plan?  

The business plan is an essential document for running any business and to optimize the business growth. Knowing how to write a business plan is the key to writing a business plan.
A good business plan helps the business owner:
        check  Focus on goals
        check  Forecast
        check  Allocate resources
        check  Plan for risks

You can see sample business plans online. Most business plan software also include sample business plans that you can edit and personalize to make your own.  They serve as a useful business plan guide.

Choose the best business plan that matches the nature of your business.

The sample business plan is only an example. You need to modify the contents to match your business's purpose, goals, and objections.

How to write a business plan is vital not just for start up businesses but also for existing ones.

Some business owners prefer to maintain their own business plan template. SBA, banks and other lending agencies have their own templates to be filled out by business loan applicants.

NOTE: SBA (Small Business Administration) is an independent agency for aiding, assisting and protecting the interests of small businesses in the US. The business plan is decided and approved by a panel of business experts.

A standard business plan include the following elements:
  • Executive Summary - A page dedicated to present the business highlights
  • Company Description – Brief note on legal establishment, history, and start-up plans, etc.
  • Product/Service - Describe what you are selling in detail
  • Market Analysis - Focus on your market, customer needs, customer benefits, customer location and accessibility, etc.
  • Strategy and Implementation – Precise information including management responsibilities with dates and budget data
  • Management Team – Introduction of key members of the team, personnel strategy, and details
  • Financial Plan - Include profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet, assumptions, business ratios, etc.
  • Exit Strategy - Good business plans also include an additional section to lay out the strategies which would be used in case of closing the business.

Business Plan Software

When looking at free business plan samples be sure to study plans from real companies.  Business plan software will come in handy when developing your own business plan.

The software can start writing a new plan based on the data you input. You can also edit the sample business plans within the software.

The software customizes the business plan contents depending on the nature of your business. It could be any sector such as retail, service, manufacturing, etc. You could use either the free sample business plans availabe online or business plan software for writing a business plan.

The important point is to always have a solid business plan. The business plan document helps you, employees and your investors to judge your business growth and make appropriate decisions.

Remember your business plan should be a blue print that you can change and amend as needed.  The plan should grow with your company.

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