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I'm 15 years old; I'm very outgoing and sweet. I love all of my friends and my family. I have been trying to lose weight but I always end up giving up. I want something that works.

I'm not taking any pills or taking any weight loss program, I'm just gonna diet and exercise.

I want to write how I feel and write what I want. I want to come here and write when I feel like eating or giving up.

I don't want food to control me anymore.

I want to be able to wear a bathing suit next summer. I want to wear tight clothes that will look pretty on me. I want to feel confident. I don't want to be made fun of anymore.

This is my journey and I want to achieve my goals. I want to be 128 by December. I know I can do this I just need inspiration.

 Coach Tiffany's response: 

Hi Leslie,

You sound determined and ready for success. You are a beautiful girl on the inside and outside. Don’t let others define you.

In order to be successful with your weight loss and any goal you must do it for YOU! Not for anyone else. 

Green Smoothies with Vitamix

I like to do juicing for weight loss. Using my vitamix.com machine I can blend all of my fruits and veggies and just drink it throughout the day. weight loss smoothie

The best weight loss plan for me is easy and simple. 

I make a pitcher using one of my green smoothie recipes every morning and tell myself this is all I will have for the day. 

I also drink lots of water and green tea for weight loss.

I’m happy that you are only using healthy food choices and exercise to lose weight. 

When I was around your age I successfully lost weight. 

Some of the best teen weight loss tips that worked for me was:

  1. Do not eat bread, donuts or rice (I love white rice). When I wanted a sandwich I would use a 2 large piece of iceberg lettuce just like it was bread. I put Mayo on it and put the lunch meat right in the middle. Now they call this a “wrap” but when I did it over 20 years ago I called it a lettuce sandwich. LOL 

  2. Drink 8 glasses of water each day. I tried to drink 2 glasses before I ate breakfast. 

  3. No soda or commercial juice. It had so much sugar. 

  4. No eating after a certain time at night. I think it was 7pm. 

  5. And no 2nd servings.

These are the only ones that I can remember. Since I didn’t have any money, I had to eat whatever my mom bought. 

So I decided NOT to eat certain foods instead of only eating one kind of food, like only salads. 


  • First of all I would have gotten bored  
  • Second, if we ran out I couldn't be certain that mom would rush to the store to restock for my diet needs.  So by eliminating certain unhealthy items I had a certain level of control. 

    I could easily say no to the bread and still enjoy the rest of dinner with the family.

best weight loss plan

I don’t remember exercising. But exercising is very important so I’m glad you have that on your list. 

Thanks for joining the site I look forward to reading about your successes and your trails. 

And if you want a lot of support and encouragement make sure you post updates often. 

Share the link to your journal with your family and friends so they can encourage you as well. 

Again welcome to the site Leslie. 

Congratulations on taking this first amazing, gigantic step. I hope that you take advantange of free weight loss help, encouragement and support offered here.  Please update us often on your success so we can cheer you on and on your challenges so we can encourage you. 

And remember, You are not alone. ;-) 


Coach Tiffany

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