Family Reunion
Bond Your Family By
Planning a Meaningful
Family Reunion

Family reunion’s are a great way each year for the entire clan to get together
have some fun, catch up with one another, play games and eat enjoy a meal. 

Planning an annual gettogether takes a lot of preparation and work on everyone’s part.

In this article you will find helpful tips to plan and have one of the best reunions your family has ever experienced.

The first topic we will cover is planning and organizing.
check mark make a list of the supplies you will need,
check mark how many people plan to attend and who is available to help in the planning and organization of the event
check mark which family member can you count on to bring a dishes for the dinner
check markReserve a facility for the event. Be creative what about a school gymnasium, the local YMCA, or the park district.  By picking an off-season date you can save a lot of money.

Here are a few options for covering out of pocket expenses:
1.  Charge a per person registration fee before the event
2.  Sale raffle tickets.  Make a nice basket to raffle off
3.  Have a potluck dinner, everyone bring a dish
4.  You can even ask for donations at the event if all expenses still are not covered
5.  Or. put a tip bucket at the end of the food line and ask that everyone chip in for the rental of the site

Make the reunion even more fun by giving away prizes for things like:

the oldest and youngest family member present, most helpful, best dressed, the farthest distance drove, longest married couple, etc. 

Make something special to hand out at the get together such as your family tree t-shirts, coffee mugs, pages for everyone to decorate and include in a giant family scrapbook or compile all the family recipes and pass out copies as souvenirs.

Most people have digital cameras now a days.  Why not ask each guest to email you all the picture they took and you design a nice scrap book?

Plan some games to be played such as volleyball, croquet or flag football. This way everyone
will get closer to everyone else and get to know each other even better. Have a wacky time by holding a hot dog or pie eating contest, make an award for the winner or give them a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.

Make a video of the entire family reunion; designate a family member to be responsible for the filming or better yet hire a local student to film for you.  Check out the high school or community college photography department.

If this still sound like to much planning and organizing you can have a destination family reunion.  You can go on a cruise, to Disney world, Branson Missouri, Wisconsin Dells, any where you chose. Sign up for our free special report to learn how to take your entire family on a vacation for less than an airline ticket.

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