Renewed Goals

by Tiffany Norris
(Savannah, Georgia, USA)

Me at my heaviest weight. :-(

Me at my heaviest weight. :-(

I haven't made an update in a while. I've been so busy with other endeavors that I have not had time to focus on my weight loss journey.

My desire is to get to a point where food and proper health food selections are second nature for me. I'm still drinking my Vitamix smoothies but not as consistently as I would like. My goal is to drink at least one or two daily along with my eight glasses of water.

This is my challenge for the month of June:

My Natural Weight Loss Tips
~ Drink 2 glass of water (32oz) before each meal.
~ Drink 1 glass of water (16oz) before I eat any junk or snack to make sure I'm hungry and not just thirsty.
~ Drink at least 2 glasses (32oz) of green smoothies each day.

At this point I want to stop restricting myself because that's not working for me anyway. So for now I'm going to continue eating whatever I want including, chips, donuts, pizza and other foods NOT normally recommended for free weight loss help.

I'll update you guys on my success with this list. Please consider joining me, I would love the support.

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