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Have you ever heard the saying, “there’s nothing new under the sun”? This would include ailments, diseases and cures.  They are all “OLD ”. 

But most importantly vita mix blenderthe answer to the cure is old too and already here, we just need to know how to access them.   

Now we know exactly where to find the sickness and disease but where on earth are all these marvelous cures?

It’s certainly not at the local fast food restaurant or in the sugar laden pre-packaged containers.

I truly believe that the answer to health is in fruit, vegetables and herbs.  

Now I’m no naturalist or vegan even.  I actually LOVE food and eating.  I eat red meat and potatoes, cakes and donuts, and soul food and Mexican food.  

I like it all, BUT - I need to lose some major weight, I’ve tried a handful of the various diets on the market. 

But permanent results only come from permanent changes in lifestyle.  You don’t get permanently well unless you permanently change your eating habits – Dr. Furhman.

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With this in mind I’m determine to “get permanently well” by doing raw food weight loss vacations.  None of it would be possible if I attempted to eat all the raw fruits and veggies.  I’m very picky and even if I loved the stuff it’s only so much chewing of kale, spinach, beets and wheat that I can consume before I grab something unhealthy. 

I love making deserts and drinks in my vita-mix blender.  I always throw in a handful of spinach, but I need to lose weight fast… well, I want to lose weight fast because I have little patience for doing things slow.  So I figured, why not go on raw food weight loss vacations with my vitamix juicer as my number 1 companion?

Why not use my vita-mix blender and also incorporate some of the best exercises for weight loss?  

raw food weight loss

So in my mind that settles it… And if it doesn’t work out at least I’ve increased my fruit and veggie intake… But let’s not think about “if” because this IS going to work.

You can join in too by commenting, offering words of encouragement on my progress or creating your own online weight loss journal. I would love to have you join in.  You don’t have to do raw food weight loss vacations with the vita-mix blender. You can do which ever diet program you choose.

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