101 Small Business Opportunity:  

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The Secret to Making Money 

Both Internet and Home Based business opportunities

101 small business opportunity for starting a business with these Internet business opportunities.  An entrepreneur starting a business should first know how to start a small business.

Determination, passion and motivation to out perform are essential to start and develop a business. For the dedicated ones, there are a number of small business opportunities available.

Small Business Opportunity

Business experts study the top 101 small business opportunity regularly.

For the rest, here are a few ‘must have’ requirements when looking for small business opportunities:

  »   Know your customer and their needs
   »   Have the passion to continuously develop and improve
    »   Understand your market and competition  
   »  Control your finances/cash flow
    »   Know both your Unique Selling Points (USP) and your weaknesses 

How to Start A Small Business

If you decide on starting a business, you need to do some groundwork. The following steps will help entrepreneurs succeed in small businesses:

    Have a good business idea - Entrepreneurs should brainstorm ideas for starting a business. Make sure the small business ideas fit your budget. You might opt to buy a new business franchise or expand an existing business.

2)     Write a well researched business plan – The plan is the basic business evaluation document. Investors help with funding based on strategies and financial projections in your plan.

3)     Do a market analysis – This is a key element to having a clear marketing and advertising plan.  The market analysis also outline your product/service in detail.

4)     Consider all financing options – From personal savings, unsecured loans, and government loans and grants

5)     Register your business - Take care of all  legal requirements before starting a business. Obtain the required small business registration forms.

Internet Business Opportunities

Many small business experts offer seminars discussing 101 small business opportunity. They provide ideas and tips for target marketing and how to start a business.  A lot of material on small business ideas is available on line.

Today, Internet business opportunities have exploded the number of businesses on line. People are making money pursuing small business opportunities .

A business coach can help you decide which of the 101 small business opportunity is right for you.  

The increase in affordable Internet service has also increased the number of home based business opportunities.  

Working from home has its benefits.  Most Internet business opportunities allow you to create your own schedule.

If you are interested in home-based business opportunities consider the following:  

>>  Will a home office be suitable to service your customers?

>>  Will you hire employees? Freelancers?

>>  Who will do you book keeping?

>>  What are the tax and legal requirements to be met? Will you get incorporated?

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