Sibling Bonding
So You Want To Be
Closer To Your Sibling?

Is sibling bonding possible?  I’m sure you have all heard the saying “patience is a virtue”.  Patience is needed in all relationships especially when dealing with siblings.  Just think about it all other relationship we choice, in a way, but we do not get to chose our siblings (or parents for that matter but that’s another article). 

Normally we are raised in the same household with our sisters and brothers; this gives them an unfair advantage.  


Our siblings have first hand knowledge into what makes us tick and for the most part they push that button at the wrong time.  

For example, just think about the last time your younger sibling borrowed something and didn’t pay you back. Or broke something of your parents and blamed it on you.  Or assuming that you will keep their kids at the last minute.  I’m sure you can think of more examples. 

But if you think about it you have contributed to the way your sister and brother treats you in some way.  Have you come to their rescue one to many times?  Not allowing them to feel the harsh realties of life. 

Or perhaps you allowed yourself to be their personal ATM, as opposed to making them work and save their own money.  

Maybe you just listened to their sob stories without correcting them even though you know the truth.   It seems easier to just give in or let them rattle on but in the end you are sinking causing a greater rift between the two of you.    

Developing a healthy sibling relationship requires the same amount of effort and energy as an intimate relationship.  You must have great communication skills, a bit of forgiveness and something in common.  

Life Coaching Moment

Try these techniques to improve your sibling bonding efforts:

    1.  Find (or develop) something in common.  What does your sibling enjoy? Can you try it?

    2.  Invite your sibling to participate in something you enjoy.

    3.  Round up all of your siblings and take a trip to a small town or a big city.  Get out of the hotel and see the town together.  What about an all-inclusive cruise?

    4.  If you are a woman call your brother and ask his opinion about a guy you’re dating.  Nothing bond siblings faster than sharing advice.

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