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Dial A Coach (DAC) is a turnkey Internet business for aspiring and established coaches. We partner with independent coaches who have received professional training and are certified or working on becoming certified as a professional life coach.  

DAC offer coaches a business in a box which allow each coach a chance to have a successful worry-free business while practicing their craft and building their business of one.  DAC bring coach and client together in a mutually beneficial and confidential space.

Our Motto:

You set the goal, we help you achieve it. 

Our Mission:

  • To be at the forefront of establishing coaching as a respectable field of study and a viable career option.  
  • To be the first option for people who want to bring their goals to fruiton. 
  • To help coaches and the coaching industry become a popular alternative for healthy individuals who are stuck in any area of their life

Benefits for Clients:

          red-dot  Instant access to hundreds of coaches who are online and ready to assist

          red-dot  Coach Photo Director help you put a face to a voice (and name)

          red-dot  No contracts on our pay per call platform 

          red-dot  Get more than one perspective by seeking different coaches for various goals

          red-dot  FREE articles discussing various topics

          red-dot  Know "your coach" by reading their FREE articles listed on their personalized page.

          red-dot  Read reviews and feedback for each coach from other clients like yourself
          red-dot  Post your thoughts on various articles

Benefits For Coaches: 

           red-dot  Be identified as an expert in the coaching field

           red-dot  Access to our password protected members only area

           red-dot  Professional online presence with personalized web site

           red-dot  Your own personalized web space with NO software and hardware costs

           red-dot  Ability to publish original content articles on DialACoach.com

           red-dot  Personalized, professional email address

           red-dot  Person extension with 800#

           red-dot  Ability to accept credit cards using our Merchant Account

           red-dot  A generous commission of 50% of the revenue of each coaching call

           red-dot  Compiled list of coaching hours (great for certification)
For a more detailed (itemized) list of benefits for coaches and to join DAC as an independent professional coach click here
To learn more please read some of our free articles.

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