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Grants for starting small business are abundant.   The recent global economic downturn has led more entrepreneurs to start small businesses.

To obtain funding for new businesses can be a burdensome task. When you start your own business, it is easier to seek business loans than business grants.  But once your organization begins winning grants they tend to continue winning them. 

Small business grants are not backed by the national or federal government.  Which is why they are so hard to obtain.  In most cases, either state or local agencies offer business grants of this type.


Certain organizations provide grants for starting small business only if the applicant meets the eligibility and qualifying criteria.  State government grants are awarded only if the business makes a significant contribution for public or economic development.


Small Business Administration (SBA), established in the USA in 1953, assists with the planning, financing, and grants for starting small business firms.  SBA also works with a number of lending, educational and training institutions.


The following press statement was issued by SBA regarding grants for starting small business:

SBA's grant programs generally support non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, and state and local governments in an effort to expand and enhance small business technical and financial assistance.

Governments in America continue supporting small biz grants for three primary  reasons:

Innumerable small businesses in America employ more than half the strength of private work force.
More than 50% of the national GDP (gross domestic product) is generated by small businesses.
3.   Small businesses remain the primary source of new jobs, thereby boosting economy.

Finding Grants

Government and private agencies award several business grants to small businesses. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) has a list of agencies offering government grants. Some grants for starting up a small business are awarded for free. There are business grants for women and minorities grants available also.

The process of finding the appropriate small business grant program is important. Reviewing the requirements and criteria to qualify for the business grants is time consuming. 

Eligibility conditions are based on location, sales revenue to date, years in business, sex, race, and purpose of funding. Do good research and identify the business grant suitable to you.  

Can your company achieve the following?

            check it off Have the time and resources to search for a small business grant program and apply
check it offFit the business size as defined by the government
check it off Can hire a consultant or set aside time to learn the grant application process (this can be time consuming)
check it off Continue operation while waiting for the approval process.  
check it off After application process are you ready for the long approval process? Are you willing to run your business as outlines in the grant?  

The next important step is to fill out the grants applications correctly. The following tips are useful to prepare a complete grants application:

  • Seek assistance from an experienced business coach to ensure that your grant  meets all application guidelines
  • Make sure you provide complete and accurate information in the application. An incomplete application is sure to further delay the approval of your grant.
  • Know the grant processes, budget and concerns.
  • Have a solid and viable business plan.  
  • Have supporting documents and accurate paperwork to convince the agency about your small business benefits. 
  • Add credible references/recommendations. 
  • Show the financial statements, profit-loss projections and risk management strategies accurately.

It is worth the time and patience in obtaining the required grants for starting small business. The chief advantage being, unlike business loans, the business grants need not be repaid. With proper care in planning and documentation getting the funding for new businesses is not difficult.

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