Relationship Problems
How to Fix Your
Relationship Problems

Relationship problems are a part of all relationships.  The solution may differ from couple to couple but the issues are pretty much the same. 

Here you will find helpful tips on how to fix a relationship based on the most common problems. 

Problems range from infidelity, finance, personality conflict, family issues and more. How do you fix a relationship when these issues arise? 

Most  problems in relationships stem from lack of communication.  Believe it or not you can improve your communication skills.  The first step toward stopping relationship issues is learning to truly listen to one another and not allowing issues to escalate. 

Infidelity is more difficult to get over.  Infidelity causes hurt, anger, confusion and sometimes resentment towards the one who broke your trust.

Unlike other situations in relationships the "offendee" must decide whether they will forgive the offender.  The "offendee", or the person who was offended, must make a very hard decision, should you stay and work through things or should you end the relationship and move on? 

Trust, once lost is hard to regain.  But it is possible with love and understanding. If your decision is to stay in the relationship then you must have a heart to heart conversation with your partner about the relationship problem.  What caused them to cheap?  Was it just low self-esteem on their part or was it something deeper involving you?  Maybe they didn’t feel respected by you or maybe they feel that you are dishonest with them as well.  Whatever the reason, once you both decide to work on the relationship you must discuss the issues open and honestly
Honest communication may be difficult for couples with serious relationship concerns.  A relationship coach can help you move pass the conflict and help set your relationship on a solid foundation.  A relationship coach can also help you and your partner discover the hidden issues that are causing reoccurring conflict in the relationship. 

Another big relationship problem is financial issues. Even though financial problems are the cause of many couples separating, this relationship problem is an easier fix.  With any relationship situation both parties must agree to make some adjustments. 

There is much debate between couples over whose money is whose.  The way you decide to manage your money is a decision that you and your mate must agree on.  Some couples have 3 different accounts- each partner has a personal account and one joint account.  Each partner must put an agreed upon amount into the joint account to cover household expenses. 

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Another option is for both partners to have their checks deposited into one account.  This account would be used for all expenses, leisure and pleasure.  It must be said that even though this option appears to be the most open and honest choice it is also the most difficult if both people have unlimited access to the account. 

It goes without saying you must create a daily, weekly and monthly budget.  A budget is of no use if it is not stuck too.  So if your relationship problems are due to poor finance you can reduce arguments over money if you both agree to the budget.  Don’t sneak out and make secret purchases.  If you and your partner are sticking to the agreed upon budget then you will have nothing to argue about. 

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