Relationship Issues

troubled relationship problem

Troubled Relationship Issues
Faced Head-on can
Eliminate Common Marital Problems

Most relationship issues are simply problems steaming from poor communication.  Couples problems, whether husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, sister-brother, mother-daughter, father-son… require some form of improved communication. 

Levels of Fulfillment

The level of communication directly affects the level of fulfillment in the relationship.  Now I don’t mean screaming, hollering, or nagging.  I mean communication in a clean manner so you can address any relationship problems head on. 

The worse thing that you can do is NOT address a situation before it become detrimental to your relationship.  That doesn’t mean harp on every little thing but most of us have a set of annoyances that can make or break a relationship. 

Instead of talking them through in order to avoid relationship problems we sweep them under the rug.  A lot of people even have a list of topics that they dread discussing because they already know how the conversation will end. 
What most people in troubled relationship don’t realize is you can LEARN how to strategically eliminate relationship troubles and common couple’s problems between you and your partner. 

Learning to Listen

couple talking

Troubled relationship arguing, escalating and putting down your mate are unfortunately the norm for most couple in today’s society. 

Couples problems, including marital problems can be rectified if each person not just listen but hear what their mate is saying.  The coaching moment below will help you with this. 

A Coaching Moment:

(This Relationship Coaching Moment Brought to you by Tiffany Norris)

Try the following strategies when trying to stop troubled relationship issues from ruining your relationship.

  1. Allow your partner to talk about your couples problems from their prospective.  Your only job is to listen. 
  2. When your partner finishes sharing their view of the troubled relationship repeat back to him or her what you heard them say.  Do not respond to what your partner said.  Just paraphrase what you heard them say was their marital problem concern. 
  3. Ask for clarity if you missed anything or if the speaker feels you missed his or her point.  This is not the time for relationship arguing.  You are trying to grow so you must be mature and open to hearing these hard truths. 
  4. Take turns being the speaker and the listener. 
Some couples have a hard time with this new technique.  It is especially difficult to get use to in the beginning.  If you are having difficulties contact one of the coaches on our site for help implementing this strategy.

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