What Is A Life Coach?

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What is a life coach?

    check mark   Are you wondering how does coaching work? 
    check mark   How can personal coaching help you?
    check mark   Are you afraid that you have lost control over your life?
    check mark   Do you feel overwhelmed by stress?
    check mark   Have your life lost its sense of direction?
    check mark   Are you uncertain about the life you are living?
    check mark   Do you feel incapable of attaining happiness, peace of mind and passion?
    check mark   Do you ever wish you had someone you could talk to and run some ideas by?

If the answer to any or all of the above questions is yes, then you are in need of the kind of help that the coaches at DialACoach.com offers. 

At the simplest level, a life coach will help you to get a grasp on your life. He or she will help you to clarify your goals and accomplish them. 

Your coach will help you identify the behaviors and the attitudes that are imprisoning you and preventing you from moving along. They will help you to stay focused by showing you how to fight such defeating behavior.

In the long run, you will learn how to achieve personal goals and accomplish other goals more quickly.
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Coaching Methods:
Coaches have an arsenal of tools and techniques that they are trained to use that will help you accomplish your desired results quickly.  A life coach will use a combination of methods, including mentoring, value assessment, behavior modification, behavior modeling and goal-setting.  There is no need for you to struggle through everyday life situations when there are trained professional waiting and willing to help you.  

With DialACoach.com you can answer the what is a life coach question and find a coach all in one place.  We know how important it is to offer affordable professional assistance, that's why we give you a choice of talking with your coach by the minute or by the hour.  

Are you short on funds but feeling overwhelmed? You'll be amazed how 15 minutes of laser coaching can help get you back on track.  Do you have an important decision to make?  Call one of our coaches to help you brainstorm and  implement a strategy for success.  

What is A Life Coach Program?

Life coaching programs generally address areas that are most intimately connected with your life, and have the greatest impact on one’s well-being. These include finances, career, health, personal relationships, ambition, achievement, personal fulfillment and stress.

Personal life coaching is a highly experiential and rich journey of discovery and achievement.  It is an intensive soul-searching exercise that will provoke you to probe the deepest recesses of your mind in order to establish the differences between the perceived and the real. Personal life coaching will encourage you to take responsibility for your own behavior and action.  It will train you to utilize all your experiences and senses.

At its best, personal life coaching will transform your life and motivate your development.

your Personal Best

Those who truly excel in life, business and relationships overall know the importance of having a support system.  If you desire to reach higher levels in your life you need the support of a great coach as well. 


Because a great life coach is well-trained to not only listen but to read between thehelp from the coach lines and implement appropriate tools and powerful questioning when needed.  

A great life coach will not allow you to wallow in your self-defeating talk but will be the mirror you need to grow.  

More importantly, a certified life coach will possess the necessary skills to engage and motivate you.

One such skill would be the ability to listen deeply, actively and intuitively. Another would be the ability to communicate well and know when and how to push you and when to bag down.
DialACoach.com will help you to connect with a great life coach. We offer a unique experience where you can choice one or several coaches for help achieving your various goals.  So when asked what is a life coach these some of the benefits are?

Benefits of DialACoach.com

  • No contracts!  You can switch coaches as often as you like or stick with one that you really enjoy working with. 
  • Work with multiple coaches for different issues.  Some people have a different coach for each areas of life.  For example, one coach for business and for relationship advice. 
  • Another way to get a feel for our coaches is to read their articles.  Most of our coaches write free articles that are posted on each of their personal pages at DialACoach.com. 
  • Once you have decided upon your life coach, he or she will create a life coaching program that is tailored to meet your individual needs. All our life coaches come with excellent recommendations.
  • Read the feedback and offer feedback for any coach you have worked with on their personal page. 
So now that the question of what is a life coach have been answered browse through our photo directory to find the coach that is right for you.  

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