Platonic Relationships
Platonic Relationships -
Can They Really Work?

Platonic relationships are a part of everyones life at one point or another and the
question a lot of people has is can they really work?   The short answer is yes, but like any other relationships platonic friendships can fail too if certain guidelines are not followed.

In order for a platonic relationship to be successful both participants must set boundaries for the relationship.  It is important to determine what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Some people think of PR as friendships with benefits but these intimate encounters, regardless of how few, deem your "friendship" a hoax.

It's also beneficial to discuss what you both want from this particular relationship.  This can be accomplished by stating your feelings honestly.

If romantic feelings begin to develop it's best to discuss these changes as soon as possible. 

When boundaries have been set make sure they are followed.

Share your ideas, goals, dreams and fears with your opposite sex friend just as you would with a same sex friend. People in platonic opposite sex friendships often refer to their comrade as being like a sister/brother to them. When one friend is not honest about their feelings they run the risk of blocking any chance for taking the friendship to the next level if their friend begin to see them as a brother/sister.

Remember, some love relationships fail but true friendship will stand the test of time.

Friendships bond people together much more than sex does. 

So, platonic relationships can they really work?

If you both work at it and work through any disagreements that may arise.

What if you want to be more than friends?  It can work but you must also realize that if you two decide to try for something more you run the risk of ruining the friendship. Once the line from friendship to lovers is crossed either one of you may end up getting hurt in the end.

Being in a relationship that is purely platonic has its previlages.  You don’t have to worry about trying to impress the other person you can let your hair down and just be you.

These are the best friends you will have and sometimes these relationships start out in great,
trusting place then you both start having deeper more intimate feelings toward one another. These relationships tend to be strong, supportive and last much longer than ones where you hardly know each other before dating.

Platonic relationships can work if you have such a wonderful connections with your friend of the opposite sex why would you want to just remain friends. 

If you are single and searching for love - love may be waiting at home. Before you embark on an intimate relationship you should be friends first.  If this friendship lead to something more great. If it does not that's great to because you can never have too many friends.

So, can they really work?

Yes if both of you can set boundaries and adhere to them and are up front with one another. No if you both are jealous and immature about other relations. No if you have alterior motives.

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