Relationship Coaching
“If You Hired A Relationship Coach or A Life Coach
Would YOUR Relationships Improve?”

Mines did, ALL of them!

Relationship coaching saved my life.  My relationships with my husband improved.

My family, friends, co-workers, you name it.

But, not over night.

The funny thing is the more I tried to “change” the people in my life the more I realized I needed to change me.

Huh! That can't be right because I am not the problem. 


This reminds me of a saying I heard once that went something like, "When you point a finger at someone three are pointing back at you".

Unfortunately, during my days of ‘every body else is the problem’ all I thought about those three fingers was...

"It's still not my fault." or 
"That doesn't apply in this situation." or
"What a stupid saying!" {this one was my all time favorite.}

Have you ever met a person who could do no wrong and had all the answers?

Well that was me.

I still think I have "a lot" of the answers (notice I didn't say all) but I am no longer above correction.

I am now proud to say that I am a work in progress. 

I am a long way from where I started and I have a long way to go because thankfully God is not through with me yet.

Let me ask you a question, Are YOU a work in progress?

Regardless of your answer, we should get along just fine because I've been at both ends of the spectrum and can meet you where ever you are at.

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