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A job interview is your one opportunity to brag about your many accomplishments without sounding pompous.  

Job interview preparation is necessary before each meeting.  The interview is the deciding stage of the hiring process where you have the opportunity to:

     arrow  Sell yourself as the best available choice in the market

     arrow  Share your knowledge of the company. Companies love for interviewees to study up on them.

    arrow  Explain away any weakness that might exist in your resume.

    arrow  If answering interview questions give you the jitters receiving interview coaching will all you to practice with mock scenarios

Another interview tip is to exude humble confidence.  The person meeting with you will probably be your boss if you are chosen for the position. 

Management like to see leadership qualities but they do not like feeling like their subordinates are smarter or more qualified than they are.  So show humble confidence to reassure the panel that you are trainable and willing to learn.

Implement the following tips for job interview preparation:

    1.  Aim to learn all that you can about the company and about the position for which you are applying.  This way when answering interview questions you will be more confident.

    2.  Write out answers to sample interview questions are in line with the job description and the company’s mission. 

    3.  During your job interviewing preparation talk with your interviewing coach about the best answers to questions regarding your work experience, your contributions and skills, and your goals for the future.

    4.  The “tell me about yourself” interview question stomps most people.  Make sure you prepare an answer for this that give a tiny glimpse into your personal life without revealing answers to illegal questions.  

For examples, it is illegal to ask your age but if you start your answer with, "For my 50th birthday my family took me to Spain".  You have voluntarily shared information that might not be favorable during the candidate review process.

Here are 7 most commonly asked job interview questions:

    1.  Tell us something about yourself.

    2.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?questions

    3.  Why are you leaving your current employer?

    4.  How would you handle this or that particular situation?

    5.  How do you handle mistakes committed by yourself as well as others?

    6.  Why did you choose this career?

    7.  What are your long-term career goals?

The Do's & Don't s Of Interview Question And Answer Preparation:  

* never lie or exaggerate,

* never speak disrespectfully or disapprovingly of past employers, your hired

* never reveal confidential information about past employers,

* always use concrete examples from your real jobs to support any claim or illustrate any statement that you make.

* Always dress a level better then the usually dress code at the company.

* Do not smoke (or drink alcohol) before the interview.  People who do not smoke can always smell cigarette smoke even if you smoke outside.   

Just as it is important to appear knowledgeable and well-informed, it is also important to  observe the proper code of conduct.  As we all know, first impressions are the most lasting.  At the job interview, the first impression will be created by your conduct and appearance. 

Job Interview Etiquette

Arrive at least 5 and no more than 20 minutes early.   Pay attention to the way you dress and to your general tidiness. Stand erect, sit without slouching and speak clearly.   Maintain eye contact. Shake hands with each interviewer before and after the interview.  Send thank you notes to all interviewers as soon as you return home. 

Get Helped

  • Schedule 30 minutes with one of our professionals at 
  • We can help with you to ace your meeting by training you in every aspect of the job interview process. 
  • We can help you with all the formalities of interviewing, from dress code to connecting with your interviewer on a personal level.
  • We can help you to build your confidence by conducting mock interview sessions. 
  • We can help you to frame suitable answers to the most commonly asked questions. 
  • We can even assist you in the penning of the required thank you notes.
  • Where are your weaknesses?  What area do you need to polish up on?  Allow one of our trained experts to ensure that you possess the important job interview skills that will lead to your ultimate success.

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