Minority Small Business Grants

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Minority Owned Businesses

the differences between 

government aided small business loans and grants 

Business start up grants and minority small business grants are offered for minority owned businesses by certain organizations.

The groups or individuals eligible for these business grants include:
        arrowleft African Americans
        arrowleft Asian Americans
        arrowleft Hispanics
        arrowleft Native Americans

Advantages of Grants

Minority small business grants are different from small business loans or government aided small business loans.

check-mark   The main advantage of minority business grants over small business loans is that there is no need for the money to be paid back.
  check-mark  The grant is tax-free money awarded by private or government agencies.
  check-mark  Government grants for minorities are included in all the government grants assistance programs.
  check-mark Women entrepreneurs are also entitled for government grants for small businesses especially the small business grants for women.
  check-mark You can apply for multiple grants at the same time.

Owners of minority owned businesses can seek for business start up grants.

Grants are also available for expanding an existing business.

Obtaining minority small business grants however is not an easy task. The chief requirements to qualify are listed below:
   1)  Have a solid business plan. Focus on how well your business would survive independent of the grant scheme.

   2)  Identify the right type of grant and funding for your business needs.

   3)  Seek the help of local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or Small Business Association (SBA) to identify the type of grant you need. These agencies also help to assess if you qualify for the grant.

  4)  Most applications for government grants for small businesses are available on Internet.

  5)  Ensure you apply for the right grant(s) set for individual or group.

  6)  Have all supporting documents ready. They include financial statements, authentic identification documents, business purpose and other details.

  7)  Online grant applications are easier with help pages offering detailed instructions.

  8)  Online application forms are assigned a Funding Opportunity Number (FON) during the form download.

  9)  FON is for registration with the Central Contractor Registry and your identification number.

Once your application is duly completely and processed, you have to wait for the following  to occur:
    check-mark Sanctioning of your grant.
    check-mark The bank or financial institution will specify the terms and conditions applicable for the grant based on the sanction. The terms and conditions include:
- Maximum limit of the grant
- Nature of the grant
- Grant validity period
- Primary security to be charged
- Insurance of the security
- Details of collateral security, etc

check-markDetailed appraisal of the business is done by the institution and a memorandum is prepared.
    check-mark A senior executive team approves and decides the grant issuance before the Board of Directors.
    check-mark The Board gives the final approval and issues the letter of sanction to the applicant.

The minority small business grants application process and waiting period can be frustrating and time consuming.

Businesses with goals to promote leading technology, or social and economic growth, obtain the small business grants easily.

Proper paper work and business plans help in avoiding rejection of the grants
. Seek counsel from someone who have success in writing winnable grants.

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