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Minority small business loans--
The word ‘minority’ refers to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals

Minority owned businesses have 51% stock unconditionally owned by the minority or under utilized people.

President Barack Obama has recently signed a bill offering government aid for minority owned businesses. Chief administrator Karen Mills announced a government based plan to share information on government contracting opportunities. 

Minority business funding and development are positive steps to create new jobs and restore economic growth.

Minority business loan and grant programs are easily available if the business meets Small Business Administration (SBA) regulations

SBA is an independent body for assisting and protecting the interests of small businesses.

SBA has provisions for minority small business loans and small business loans for women. The good news is that women certified under minority owned business certification programs can get small business loans for women for minority business startup or small business administration loans.
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Minority business loans for minority small business owners can be granted  if you meet the minority owned business certification criteria.

Individuals seeking minority small business loans or small business administration loans should be permanent residents and members of Asian, African or Native American races.

Hispanic males and females are also grouped under minority status. 

The applicants for minority business funding and development must own at least 51% of the business.

Here are a few requirements before you can get a small business loan for minorities
These are based on the location, operational status, ownership, business size and economic disadvantage of the minority or under utilized applicant.

  • The business size should be small.  
  • The gross income over a three year period should not exceed SBA specified limitations. 
  • The owner should have complete control of the business plus the required experience and skill. 
  • The business must be fully operational for at least six months. 
  • The individual should prove that his/her net assets value is below the limit specified by SBA. This means he/she should show they are socially and economically disadvantageous
Significant number of minority and women qualify for the certification programs and apply for minority small business loans.

The processes involving application for the loans or getting the required qualifying certification are simplified online.

The encouraging stand by governments to promote minority small businesses motivate more entrepreneurs.  This is because the government has realized that minority small businesses employ almost half of the country’s private sector manpower.

The government’s move to enable minority small business owners to participate in federal government contracting would introduce and promote path breaking ideas in the global market.
The success stories of enterprising business women have led to sanctions of small business loans for both business start up and business development for women.

Minority business loans for minority small business owners and women have been approved by the SBA as well. This should encourage scores of women and minorities entrepreneurs out there to contribute to America's economic growth.

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