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Most people receive marriage advice before they jump the broom. Yet the dreary statistics on marriage still shows that the likelihood of having a successful and enduring marriage is slim to none.

Yet the dreary statistics on marriage still shows that the likelihood of having a successful and enduring marriage is slim to none.

We watch celebrity after celebrity treat their marriage vows like wet 1-ply toilet paper. 
Did they not heed the marriage advice bestowed upon them by their famous friends?

Marriage is not only a sacred covenant but a true test of your resolve.   

When two people decide to combine their lives each must be willing to release things they enjoyed from their single life.

Giving up things from your single life would never be a problem if you are truly ready for holy matrimony. 

Once you get married you can no longer behave like you are still single. Coming and going at all hours, hanging in bars and strip clubs, allowing your friends unlimited access to your home and time, etc. etc. etc. 

It amazes me how a person could make a promise in front of their family, friends, neighbors and coworkers, to abandon all others and work on making their unity a success forever yet they still have divorce as an option at the top of their list.

Luckily you found this site. 

Now make a pact with your spouse that divorce is not an option and both of you must agree to work on the success of your marriage.
I know this is yet another commitment, but don't let it scare you. With proper marriage advice and a solid action plan, you can rekindle your marriage

A commitment is just a promise. It is your word!

The marriage advice and tools that you will find on will help you keep your word when countless others could not, even if this is not your first marriage.   

Most people claim that their word is as good as gold. 

If your boss asked you to perform a lengthy task that you knew would take years of hard work and have you in the office late nights would you commit to it?

Would you be willing to have your name on the line as the person responsible for this grueling task?

What if after 18 months the project still was not complete and you did not see an end in sight? 

Would you go to your boss and complain that the task is too hard and you want to quit even though your job is not on the line? Most of us would not. 

Most people would know in the back of their minds that this is a great opportunity for growth and a great way to show that you are a team player.   

We must approach our marriage with the same dedication and determination if we want it to work. 

When a business project is difficult or you are unsure how to proceed you don’t leave it. You ask for help, do a little research or even try to approach it from new and different angles just to see if one will work.

It becomes like a game to you.  Give your marriage the same all or nothing attitude.  

Life Coaching Moment

Read on for some specific things you can do now to improve the overall quality of your marriage.  

Marriage Advice:

1. Remove the word divorce from your vocabulary

Agree to work on you without trying to change your spouse

3. Have at least one intimate encounter a day (i.e. a loving embrace, long kiss good night)

4. Do not discuss your marriage with people who are single, distressed or otherwise unhappy with their life

5. Treat your mate with the same respect and honor that you give your boss or the president.

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