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Small Business Accounting Software Comparison 

Consider these features when You compare 

small business accounting software 

Small business accounting software (SBAS) are a must for small companies and startups. They are an effective means for achieving substantial cost-savings. They allow tracking of financial data and effective business planning based on the reports produced.

SBAS come in varying licenses including proprietary, free, and Open Source.

Free accounting software options are in no respect inferior to their proprietary counterparts.

How to Compare Software

The key to determining the perfect small business accounting software for your organization is to know how to effectively compare accounts software.  

During your comparison look for the following issues and features:

      dot   Accounting Modules – Most of the small businesses might require
        dot   Inventory management system
          dot   Sales management system
            dot   Contact management system
              dot   Merchant account support system
                dot   Budgeting Support system
                  dot   Payroll management
                     dot  Tax reporting

Other Things to Consider

The SBAS might provide additional features and modules. In such a situation, the costs and benefits need to be considered.

High cost software is usually not justified unless the business needs to expand.

It is always better to choose modular software.

Separate modules may be purchased as the business grows.

Another viable option when looking for account software is to opt for one that allows upgrading to a version that has expanded features.

Such decisions can be simplified by selecting the small biz software according to its license. They can further be selected according to the operating system, such as Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Some of the proprietary accountant software are:

     arrow   AME Accounting Software – Windows

     arrow   Baan – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

     arrow   Banana Accounting – Windows

     arrow   Cougar Mountain Software – Windows

     arrow   FirstOffice – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

     arrow   FinanceToGo – Mac OS

Open Source license software are:

     arrow   BlueERP – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

     arrow   Dolibarr – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

     arrow   GnuCash – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

     arrow   OpenBravo – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

As you can see, almost all free accountant software is available for all major Operating Systems. This allows you to import the software to different systems.

Another powerful feature of free small business accounting software is that they can support more than a few dozen languages.

Good software support and help is another key factor to offset its learning curve.

A couple niche specific SBAS are:
   arrow   Compeat – Restaurant Management

   arrow   POS Solutions – News agency, Pharmacy

Online Operating systems

A great and practical option is the flexibility of online versions. Online versions allow access to data and records from virtually any computer. There are a number of online or web-based software in various licenses and for various Operating Systems including  -

  • 24SevenOffice – Proprietary, Multi-Operating System
  • Intacct – Proprietary, Multi-Operating System
  • Inzolo – Proprietary, Multi-Operating System
  • BlueERP – Open Source, Multi-Operating System
  • FrontAccounting – Open Source, Multi-Operating System
  • Openbravo - Open Source, Multi-Operating System

While the list of software mentioned above is relatively large and eclectic, it does not depict the complete functionality of each software. It is also, by no means, a comprehensive list. It is always a great idea to take out the time and resources to seek a personal business coach for making such a critical business decisions.

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