Father-Son Relationship

Planning an Annual
Father-Son Outing

Father-son relationships begin by spending quality time with your son.  This is an important part of being a dad. Here you will receive tips on how to plan an annual outing with the kids.  The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to have a wonderful trip together.

Father and Son outings create special bonding between the two of you and help you establish a closer relationship with one another.

The first step in planning an annual father-son outing is to decide where you want to go?

Will it be fishing in Florida, skiing or snowmobiling in Colorado, camping at a state park near your home or a road trip to nowhere in particular?

The second step in planning an annual Father/Son outing is choosing a date for the event and setting a budget.

 Of course you will need to request time off work far in advance of your scheduled outing.  If you are going during the school year try to schedule your outing during one of the extended weekends.   Things tend to be a bit more expensive during school breaks so keep this in mind. 

As parents we must make daily activities learning opportunity to teach our kids new skills.  The time you spend planning an annual father-son outing is a great time to teach your son about creating a budget. 

For smaller kids allow them to collect all the loose change they can find around the house.  Have them put it in a jar, at the end of the month count it all up and allow your son to pay for lunch or the gas.

If you have older kids they should be a part of planning the outing from start to finish.  Challenge your teenage son to earn $50 to put toward the trip.  Talk to them about the location.  Ask your son to research the area for restaurants and special sites to stop at along the way.  The more your son is involved the more it will feel like his trip too.

Don’t forget to budget in travel expenses.  Will you drive? Fly? Take a train?

The next step in planning an annual Father/Son outing is to pack everything you will need for the trip.

Make a list of everything you need and check things off as you pack them.  What will the weather be?  Will you need sunscreen or thermals?  Are you taking the train?  Pack some cards and other travel size game that the two of you can play together.  Are you flying?  Maybe you want a neck pillow.  Take some time to think things through and write it down as you think of it so you won’t forget.

Life Coaching Moment

Are you still unsure about what to do or where to go when planning an annual father-son outing? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Plan a sporting event outing to a major or minor baseball, football or hockey game every year. Go see your favorite teams play in the playoffs.
  • Plan an annual camping trip to different state parks, bond over bonfires, mor's, fishing, hiking and sightseeing in the great wilderness country.
  • Plan a fishing trip exclusively, rent a boat and hit the ocean or lake for some big fish tales you can share with the entire family once you get home.
  • Plan a memorable vacation with your boy to a luxury resort.  Take the time to teach your son how to be a gentleman.  While in the resort show your son how to shave and how to polish his shows.  Get all dressed “down” for a night out at the local pub.  Take advantage of the exercise room at the resort and lift some weights.  Rents a couple of bikes and hit the trails.  Click here to get your free report that will tell you all the secrets to going to fabulous resorts for about 300 bucks.
You don’t have to go far for a wonderful outing.  Look around your area or the adjoining state and see what adventures there may be waiting for you and your son to enjoy. You never know you could find the adventure of a lifetime right around the corner.

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