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Diet Program or New Way of Eating

Either Way You must Change Your Relationship With Food

Weight loss coach: Slimming down is easy and possible if you follow a healthy diet program

Obesity is the root cause of most diseases.  Most people hire a personal trainer for help slimming down.  But talking with someone will motivate you to take it one step further by helping you change your relationship with food.  

Several health care providers and industries are thriving by providing weight loss solutions.
A weight loss coach could be a personal trainer or an online fitness training program.

Coaching is helpful in keeping your body fit.  It also teaches you how to lose weight.

weight loss coach

Walking is the best known and simplest form of exercise. You could use a pedometer while walking daily. The pedometer records the total steps you take in a day.  You should strive for 10,000 steps a day.  The count is then converted to distance based on the length of the strides. 

A pedometer is great at motivating one to maintain a walking routine.                                    

Though we know the basics of a healthy diet program we rarely maintain the schedule. Here are a few routine tips you should remember for healthier living:

arrow   Eat only when you are hungry
arrow   Drink plenty of water
arrow   Exercise at least for few minutes daily
arrow   Walk 10,000 steps per day

A weight coach will help you stick to your healthy living program by talking with you Healthy Mealone-on-one about your challenges and success and adapting your program accordingly. 

In the beginning you should talk with your coach 2 to 3 times per week.

After you achieve your desired goal weight you should stay in touch with your coach on an as needed base to ensure that you stay on target. 

 (Note: If you gain 5-10 pounds call your coach.  Do not wait until things get back out of control)

You should first know what a weight loss coach does before hiring one.

Your personal coach should: 
arrow   Analyze your diet and nutrition intake
arrow   Determine a healthy wellness and diet program
arrow   Motivate you to strictly follow the slimming program charted out for you   
arrow   Conduct a weight review periodically
arrow   Check if the weight loss solutions provided are working for you

The major benefits of working with a weight loss coach is to have someone who :
Will encourage, motivate, and push you

   Help you gets rid of bad fad diet habits
   Avoids weight re-gain etc.
   Controls frequent food cravings
   Offer an alternative to food when stress or loneliness occurs in your life

At DialACoach.com the coaches are just that, coaches not personal trainers.  They offer moral support, feed-back and a listening ear.   However if you desire to work with a personal trainer make sure they have the following:
  • A degree or certificate in physiology, health promotion, athletic training, kinesiology or a similar field.
  • First aide and CPR certification as well as certification from ACSM, ACE, IDEA, YMCA, NSCA or similar.
  • Have a documented policy explaining the services, costs, cancellations, length of contract, and emergency procedures.
  • Also possess a medical clearance form to be completed before they work with you.
Apart from the above qualifications, your coach of choice should also be your  guide and keep you focused and on track. He/she should also make the program interesting and fun.

A weight loss coach aims to shape your inside by encouraging you to develop healthier habits. This results in maintaining your mind and body and improving your lifestyle.  A personal trainer shapes your outside by pushing you to get moving.

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