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Has online relationships become the norm?

As the number of single households grow so does the number of hours available for people to peruse the internet in search of love.  In the 80’s blind dates were a popular alternative when looking for a mate.  The 90’s brought people out clubbing and hooking up. 

The internet has become the matchmaker of today. 

The US Census, as of September 2001, claims that more than half of all Americans had computers in their homes.  As the availability of computers and the accessibility of the internet continue to grow we should expect the number of people trying on-line dating to grow as well. 

Some people think that online dating are only for “desperate people”.  But, in today’s society where everything is fast and need to be done by yesterday it’s no wonder why so many people see the internet as a convenient alternative. 

The invention of date rape drugs and the growing list of STDs make it harder to casually date. 

Long gone are the days of hooking up with someone in the club and going to their house.  Even though people still do this we all know that casual sex is not safe or advisable. 

Dating someone via the internet is not only convenient but also a safe alternative for many people. 

There are plenty of websites that discuss the dos and don’ts of online dating.  This site focus on helping you achieve happiness in your cyber relationship. 

People can and do achieve offline happiness, stability and longevity after meeting online. 

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Try the following to improve your online relationship.

1. Understand your mate’s style of communication.  When you learn to handle each others’ style of communication you improve your chances of getting through conflict online and then offline.

2. Extend the amount of time that you take in getting to know each other online before meeting face-to-face.

3. Once the relationship begin getting more serious plan time to discuss moving things offline on a more permanent basis.  Some things that should definitely be on your list are obstacles of distance, jobs and finances.

4. Enhancing your overlapping interest also lead to longevity.  One way of enhancing your overlapping interest online is to join a non-dating online forum that interested you both.  For example if you both enjoy reading join a forum or chat group that offer an online book club.  This is a great way to begin socializing with other people as a couple. 

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