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By Tiffany Norris

very fast weight lossThere are load of websites claiming to know the best weight loss diet programs for very fast weight loss.  

And I’ve tried plenty of them.  But I have to be honest, THEY ALL WORK – if you stick to the plan, of course.  

My problem is I can never stick to the plan because I love- Love- LOVE food… not just any food but the fried, smothered, dipped, gooey "bad" options are my favorite. 

My weight slowly crept up over the past decade and I’m not a happy camper (and neither is my doctor).  

Being an active member of the technology era, I like for things to happen FAST.I have developed very little patience so I want very fast weight loss or I get discouraged.  

I know what “they” say that you should lose 2 pounds a week for the best long lasting results.  And slow and steady wins the race… But I say phatuey (<<< yes I made this spelling up).  

If slow and steady is the way to go why are all the participants moving so fast?!? 

Vita-mix Blender

recipes for vitamix 5200-kid approved
So enough is enough and I’m using my vita-mix blender to embark on a liquid weight loss diet.  

The great thing is unlike other juicers, the vitamix juicer doesn’t expel the fiber.  

Since I’m not as regular as “the experts” say a person should be, I need all the fiber I can get.

I personally think the Vita-mix Blender Green Smoothie Diet is one of the best weight loss diet programs because:

  • I know exactly what I’m putting in each green smoothie 
  • I can drink my salad which means I’ll meet (or exceed) the daily recommended fruit and veggie allowance
  • It’s quick and easy
  • I can experiment with a variety of recipes for Vitamix using all my favorite  fruit and vegetable
  • My kids love it too.


     My 6 year olds empty glass standing proudly next to mine  

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