Why Join DialACoach.com?

DialACoach.com provide coaches the ultimate business in a box.  We strive to be at the forefront of "getting the word out" about coaching.  

We will help you establish yourself as an expert in the field of coaching.  

Our marketing and advertising plan is aggressive and designed to drive clients to your personalized website and extension 24/7. 

DAC's low cost membership allow new and seasoned coaches a place to build their business of one by offering everything you need to open your cyber doors.  

Our turnkey business system include everything from business cards to driving pre-sold clients to your personal page and extension with credit card in hand.  

What's included with your membership:

    all thisPersonalized website - (i.e. dialacoach.com/Tiffany001)

    all thisPersonal web-call page
allow customers to generate calls from your personalized website.  Our system will call your phone and your customer's phone.  Your private number will never be disclosed.  

web-callpage sample 

    all thisProfessional email address
(i.e. Tiffany001@dialacoach.com)

    all this800#
with your private, dedicated extension 

    all thisAvailiability status button that you control on your personal page

                I'm available  
                on a call  

    all thisYour special greeting allow caller to hear your personal greeting

    all thisPersonalized schedule allow you to set your business hours of operation

hours of operation

    all thisPrompt hassle-free payments -charge callers on a per call basis either per call and/or a flat rate

    all thisProcess credit card payments by phone with real-time billing and credit card authorization system.  DailACoach.com system records voice verificaton and store it on our servers for 12 months.  Voice verification can be extremely helpful when disputing a customer's chargeback request if one does occur.  

    all thisOur web based software automates and tracks the entire process.  Independent control panels allow you to view detailed information about each call, such as the length of each call and transaction amount.  


    all this100% turnkey system - computer programming, hosting, billing and database maintenance is all included in our low monthly membership fee.

    all thisA listing in our photo directory of coaches with your availablility, extension and profile.

    all thisAccess to a global 24/7 customer base

    all thisBuild name recognition via value-added niche specific content.  Submit search engine optimized original content articles to go on our personalized web-page.  Unlimited web space.

    all thisSearchable member directory where you can network with other coaches, share ideas, and get and give referals.  With our membership features you can join DAC, pay membership dues, update contact details

    all thisEvent registration is a wonderful way to get the word out about your events.  Add your coaching events to our global calendar for everyone to see.  This is a great way to network with and attend meetings/workshops sponsored by other coaches too.  You will also be able to choose whether to have attendees pay online with a credit card or pay outside of the system, for example paying at the door.  

    all thisPrivate members' forum where you can share ideas and build relationships with other's in your field.  The members' forum is a great place to congregate, collaborate, discuss and share

    all thisProfessional press release written on your behalf and sent to online and off-line newpapers to announce your new business

All members will recieve a starter package to help you establish yourself offline as well.  You will recieve a variety of marketing items like window decals, key chains, promotional ink pens, professional business cards (everyone will recieve business cards), etc.

We overdeliver

Our accountants suggested that we charge at least $350/month for this all-inclusive package.  But we really want to give everyone who desire to be a professional coach an opportunity to get in the game.  The more coaches who become certified and are practicing their craft, the easier it will be to establish life coaching as a legal and viable field.
So, we decided to go out on a limb and offer our ultimate business in a box for the bargain basement price of just $149.00 setup cost and $99.95 a month.

Where else can you get a complete business for a mere $99.95?

No Where Else!!!  
We checked.  

No other company offer anything like this and all in one place.  The ultimate business in a box.  

The only thing left for you to do is register, log on and start coaching.  

Remember, as an independent coach on Dial A Coach you will receive everything, from business cards to your own 800# and extension.  Our turnkey system is everything you need to open your cyber doors today and increase your revenue tomorrow.  

Don't delay! This offer will not last forever.

Oh yeah, if you are serious about your business talk to your accountant about writing off your payment as a business expense.  

Special Launch Celebration

The first 50 people who register will recieve $50 off the set up fee.


Money-Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-might-as-well-try-it, 100%, iron-clad, money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact us within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Do you really want to be a coach or is it just a hobby?  If you are serious about making coaching your career of choice then you owe it to yourself to join NOW.  

Try us for one full month - RISK FREE! You have nothing to lose.

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