Surviving Long Distance Relationships

by Tiffany Norris
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Another Lonely Sunset

Another Lonely Sunset

Long distance relationships can be hard and stressful. Nevertheless, they are worth it if you have truly found your soul mate. The length of you separation will be less of an issue if both partners are serious about preserving the relationship.

Love of course is an important ingredient to making any relationship work and so is trust. When you are in a long distance relationship, it is very important that you trust your partner. Invariably you will experience loneliness and separation anxiety. During these times you must continuously check your self-talk and make sure you are in the positive zone more often than not.

Remote relationships are not only common in today’s society by they are almost the norm. The internet has made long distance relationships quite common by uniting people from all over the world.

Distant relationships are even harder for couples who must separate after being geographically close. Couples who are committed to making it work know that the challenges posed by distance can become strengths in the relationship.

Life Coaching Moment:
1. Talk about your expectations upfront. How often would you like to talk to your partner? Is it ok for your mate to hang out with members of the opposite sex? When will you see one another?
2. Most cell phone providers have free “in-network” calls. If possible, use the same cell phone provider.
3. Be on the look out for cheap getaways near your mate’s new location.

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I Agree, Long Distance Relationships Are Possible
by: Connie

I agree with you Coach Tiffany. Not only is it important for the commitment to be there, but the maturity level also. I was once a partner in a long distance relationship myself at the early age of 20 years old that ended on good terms. We were over 1,000 miles away from each other. We realized that the world was full of opportunity, and we should definitely explore it.

Currently, he is divorced, and I am making the best of my marriage. We both have children, and are great parents. If we had the right maturity level 15 years ago, then we may be married today!

You made the right decision.
by: Anonymous

That's a great point Connie. But I also think that you made the right decision at such a young age. It is important that we encourage young adults and teens to live life before they commit themselves to a relationship or before they begin having children.

In the process you began to learn who you are as a person. I bet your likes, dislikes, tolerations, etc. have changed many times since you were 20? So welcome where you are in life now and embrace the possibilities that the future holds.

Thanks for commenting I enjoyed reading your post.

Coach Tiffany Norris
Relationship Specialist

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