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I am striving to get down to 155. Not on a diet just a life style change. 

I am a mother of four children ages 21, 18, 8, and 1. 

I have given much of my life and time to my children and believe me I am thankful, BUT now is the time for me in Mind, Body, and Soul.

I am so ready for this. I know I will have great days, good days and not so good days but it is all a process and to know I am not alone gives me much strength.  

Just know as you read this you are not by yourselves. I am cheering for you too.


 Coach Tiffany response: 

Hi Charlette,

First let me start by saying congratulations. You are already successful and have shown that you have resiliency.  It takes dedication, love and commitment to raise a child. And you have raised (and are raising) four.  That is no small feat. Keep up the great work.

And secondly thank you for the encouraging words. All journeys are easier with support.  On this site you will get free weight loss help. 

I loved when you said “But now is the time for me!” what a wonderful mantra. Through your good days and the more challenging days always remember that “now is the time for me”.  When you want to grab that seconding serving or that slice of cake tell yourself “now is the time for me”.

When your to do list is longer than the hours in the day remember that “now is the time for me”. 

When we realize that nothing is more important than our health and happiness other things thatnatural weight loss tip appear to be important will still be waiting for us in 30 minutes after our walk. 

Speaking of walking, weight loss by walking is one of the easier forms of weight loss and it's free.  

A natural weight loss tip that I try to use is to drink two glasses of water every morning before eating. 

You will be amazed at how many calories this easy, natural weight loss tip can save you.

I really enjoy reading the free weight loss help /success stories of people on the internet and in magazines; they give me hope and encouragement.  

One particular natural weight loss tip came from a young lady that lost over 100 pounds and has stood out to me for several years now.  

She said whenever she was tempted to cheat on her diet and eat something that she know she should not eat she told herself, “I’d rather be thin”.  I love that. 

This to me is positive self talk. We must remind ourselves of the good qualities we are trying to adopt.  While writing this I just had an idea and since the goal of this journal is to offer free weight loss help I would like to share it with you. 

I will put an 8 X 10 sized photo of myself on the fridge.  But not just any photo.   I’m going to make sure it’s a picture that I would consider embarrassing. Maybe I’ll have a large plate of food or be taking a big bite out of a sloppy burger… 

I want the picture to catch me in the moment eating something that is opposite of the natural weight loss tip and strategy that I am adopting. 

The caption will read I’D RATHER BE THIN!” This is my weight loss mantra.

Again welcome to the site Charlette. Congratulations on taking this first amazing, gigantic step. I hope that you take advantange of free weight loss help, encouragement and support offered here.  Please update us often on your success so we can cheer you on and on your challenges so we can encourage you. You are not alone and Yes, We Can Do This! ;-) 

Coach Tiffany

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