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Men friendships can be tricky.  Men sometimes have complications when it comes to making new friends; it is so much easier for women. This is where friendship advice for men in particular comes in to play. 

To become a friend and to make new friends you must trust and respect one another at all times.  Respecting someone does not mean you have to agree with them but as a grown man you should be able to disagree with your friend without destroying the friendship.

 Also remember that friendship just doesn’t happen it takes time.  Given the proper time and consideration a stronger bond will form.  This bonding can occur through the many shared experiences you have with your male friend.  

Some great friendship advice for men is to be honest and let the other person in on the real you. Being false or not true to the real you will only cause deception and the friendship cannot grow when this is imbedded within it.

Never betray a friend’s trust in you; this is something that can demolish even the strongest of friendships. True friendships have no place for jealousy, betrayal or lies.

The best advice for making men friends is to just be yourself, do not try to be someone you think they would like better.  It’s easier to find friends that are interested in the same things you enjoy.  If you like fishing, hiking and hunting you should seek out friends who also enjoy these activities.  Why befriend a guy who love sports and either watch it or is playing it during all his free time if you don’t like sports?  This friendship would be destined to fail. 

Always be there to protect a friend in need, keep an eye out for them, offer guidance and sound advice when they need it and sometimes when they don’t think they do. Always show respect for their goals and emotional feelings as well as their lifelong dreams. Never start gossip or rumors regarding your friend’s intimate conversations with you, what is said in strictest confidence between you two should always stay that way.

Take up for your friends when someone degrades them or criticizes their character- especially if your buddy is not around.  This is what true friend would do.  

Another great piece of friendship advice for men is to always return favors such as listening to a friend after a break up as they have listened to you or letting him borrow your car for work. 

And never, ever date your friend’s ex-girlfriend. This is a big mistake as it will lead to resentments, anger and hurt.   Sleeping with and/or dating your buddy’s old girlfriend a sure way to ruin your friendship.  I know she might seem perfect but there are other fish in the sea.

We always hear about women retreats and bonding sessions.  Would you like to have a fun-filled outing with your closed buddies.  Fishing, Hunting, Swimming, Bar Hopping, Ball. And leave the women at home.  Sign up for this free report to see how you can get a week away without breaking the bank.

Men friendships just like any other relationships need to be nurtured to grow stronger. You must make time in your busy and hectic schedule for friends.  Keep in touch by phone, email or text at least weekly to see how the other is doing and if they need anything. Schedule some time off and the two of you go on fishing, hunting or golfing adventure for a weekend or a week if it is possible. Maybe you like sports why not get some tickets to a game and invite your new male friend to attend. 

A lot of men friendships start at work.  Most business partnerships are created between friends.  In order to ensure your business is successful and your friendship stays intact you should work with a business coach.  A good business coach will not only help you flesh out your business idea and give you a structure and guidelines but they will also help you balance other areas of your life as well. 

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